Who is Sexy Pillows?

Hello Darling. Please, let me introduce myself.

I am Olivea Lei, aka Sexy Pillows, your fantastical hostess on the Sexy Pillows Podcast. I record my little audio love letters because I love dozing off to sleep with you. I take so much pleasure in buttering you up and tucking you into bed. In fact, it’s the most peaceful part of my day. Reminding you (and me) that the beauty of tomorrow is.a fresh start is such a gift, you are such a gift! 

My story if you will…

I first realized my passion for this nighttime ritual long ago, as a young girl. I used to tuck my sister into bed every night. I’d read her books, sing her lullabies, whisper to her in the dark….I loved every moment of it, and I didn't stop until I left home. Now, I live on the top of a mountain, in a commune of sorts, with dozens of other lovely ladies. Up here, we have weekly slumber parties, and I was christened “Resident Tucker Inner.” It’s a title I cherish, because this act of bedtime bliss feels like magic. After many requests for more personal and frequent tuck-ins, I began a nightly call, broadcasting it to all the ladies on The Mountain.  I dubbed it “Sexy Pillows Says Goodnight,” because my nickname is Sexy Pillows. I guess I have a sultry voice and some curves...Anyhow, the call received rave reviews, and it came to my attention that you too may be interested in this bedtime bliss.

Thus, my darling, I started the Sexy Pillows Podcast so that I can be with you too before bedtime. It's so comforting to know that you are with me listening. I love it all so much. I love you. Thank you for listening.


Olivea Lei 


Sexy Pillows