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Hello Darling. Thank you for coming! I'm Olivea, or Sexy Pillows if you prefer...your fantastical hostess on the Sexy PIllows Podcast. 

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Do you wish you had someone to fall asleep with? Someone, to help you unwind & relax at bedtime? Me too. That’s why I record the Sexy Pillows Podcast. I love dozing off to sleep together. Every episode is a little audio love letter from me to you. I want you to end your day feeling snuggled and cared for, ready to start tomorrow on a positive note.


The show usually consists of a little pillow talk, sensuous stretching, and deep breathing––all to the tune of soothing music and our mutual pursuit of Dreamland. Sometimes I may regale you with stories of my life on The Mountain, or read quotes or poetry. At times I simply ramble on and bore us both to sleep. 


This show was made for you if….


~You crave a positive, sensual addition to your nightly ritual

~You are into meditation, hypnosis, or ASMR

~You experience loneliness, depression, or anxiety


Creating the Sexy Pillows Podcast is my nightly ritual, the most peaceful part of my day. I’m so excited to share this moment and fall asleep together tonight.​



YSYY Cover.jpg

Do you yearn to feel sexy—to flow with radiance, confidence, and allure? It’s natural if you do. Feeling sexy is one of nature’s greatest gifts…

Through personal narratives, this eBook provides insight and techniques to help you live your sexiest life yet, your best life!

In Your Sexiest You Yet, Olivea Lei invites you into her mythical world to explore the ethos of sensuality. On a hot summer night under the stars, Olivea gathered 33 sultry sirens, The Ladies of The Mountain, to ponder and answer this question: What makes me feel sexy? The result is a treasure trove of knowledge, a diverse compilation of tried-and-true secrets and spells whispered in story form. The ladies unveiled their histories, revealing tales of transformation rife with self-care. In the course of 34 chapters, you’ll explore methods ranging from Taoist philosophy to bodily expression. All the while these bewitching women will uplift you with their loving, flirtatious energy. If you are ready to live your sexiest you yet, dive into these pages and let your journey unfold...

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